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Stefan Alexis Pastuhov

Descended from Russian grandparents who fled to America in 1917, Stefan Pastuhov was instantly inspired by his surroundings when he moved to Maine in 1984. In those early years he and Stapleton Kearns painted together almost daily and Pastuhov loved the challenge of painting the changing weather and light, coming and going of the tide, the beautiful red of the blueberry barrens, pristine winter landscapes, and the intemperate seas and rocky coast. He has been especially influenced by painters in the Cape Ann plein air tradition Aldro Hibbard, Emile Gruppe, Paul Strisik, and often paints Maine landscapes with Cape Ann artists like Donald Mosher.

“The fact that I paint outside on location makes each day new. Be it overcast or sunny, snowy or green, ablaze with fall colors or barren of leaves, every location I paint is constantly in change. With this continual flux I am able to paint a number of paintings in each spot, every work attaining an individuality all its own. The intellectual challenge of designing each piece and then undertaking its construction is very meaningful to me as an artist. Capturing the sparkling light of late afternoon or the reflections in a rushing stream will always excite my senses. Although most of my work is done in Maine you will rarely see me anywhere without my paints. Any day that goes by without dipping my brush in paint is a disappointment if not a total loss.”

Autumn Brilliance

Port Clyde - SOLD

October Color

Field of Dreams - SOLD

Still Fishin - SOLD

Ready to Sail

Red, White and Blue

Bald Mountain, Lucerne

Halfway Up, Blue Hill - SOLD

Sunset Rock, Lucerne

Katahdin Reflections

Mist Day, Lily Pond - SOLD

Royce's Dock, Burnt Cove

Salt Pond Barrens

RackLiff Island

June Day, Blue Hill

Patch of Blues

Fall Barrens - SOLD

Rocks & Blues

Early Color on Cadillac

Behind The Barn

Fresh Snowfall, Searsmont

Fading Light

West Rockport

Appleton Ridge Farm

Deer Isle Causeway-SOLD

The Yellow Pair

Above Bar Harbor-SOLD

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