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Marjorie Moskowitz

Marjorie Moskowitz, a native of St. Louis, Mo., was educated at Washington University with degrees in Painting and Drawing. She is represented in Galleries throughout the US and has taught painting, drawing, and art history for eleven years in colleges and universities in the St. Louis and Illinois area, and Otis College of Art, Los Angeles, Ca.

Her move to Ventura County, Ca. in 1998, brought the opportunity for travel to Europe, each year with groups of students, to explore the great art and history of Italy, France, and Spain.  The first year, in Italy, she began a new direction: Landscapes. The first was a plein air oil pastel of the view from the Boboli Gardens in Florence.  Large paintings and oil pastels followed and included Color Field paintings that have now been exhibited throughout Maine, the Midwest and California.

“These paintings invite the viewer to step into a pliable, welcoming and intense but unknown, mysterious, and complex world.   The tension created by these opposing forces is seductive and passionate. The landscape stops the eye; it is prophetic and beautiful yet subject to the constant force of nature.  The goal is to see, capture and embody those moments when we see nature for its own particularity and for its own passionate force. The balance between representation and abstraction is nothing if not true to the live process, in which fact and imagination push and pull against each other.”


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