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Charles Warren Eaton A.N.A. (1857-1937) Attributed

"French River Scene," unsigned oil on canvas, 21 1/2 x 26 in.
PROVENANCE: Morton Bradley Estate, Arlington, Massachusetts.


Founding member of Lotus and Salmagundi Clubs, Eaton was known for his Tonalist landscapes at the Academy of Design. In 1886, he shared a NYC studio with L. Ochtman and Ben Foster, and traveled with them to Grez (near Barbizon). He also painted in Italy, Holland, France, and frequently returned to Bruges, Belgium. 1889, George Inness purchased a painting from Eaton and later became his mentor. Greatly influenced by Inness to become a Tonalist painter. Like Henry Ranger and Elliott Daingerfield, he was one of the major contributors to the Tonalist Movement. Known for moody landscapes with golden earth tones and muted colors. Also, painted snow scenes, Berkshire pine forests of New York State, white pine forests of Connecticut near Thompson and Colebrook, and canal scenes from Holland. By the 1890s he was best known for landscapes with the theme of late autumn or winter, often evening scenes. He painted throughout the Northeast, and summered in Thompson, CT. During the first decade of the 1900s his dominant themes were tall white pines of New England and Belgian landscapes. He made summer trips to Italy 1910-12, 1923. He stopped painting in 1927, but continued to circulate his work to many galleries.

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