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Brian Banks

Brian began his art career as a technical illustrator  in England; he took further training in commercial art before emigrating to western Canada in 1971.  Brian spent much of his leisure time exploring the Canadian landscape, recording his travels with pencil sketches and photographs. He became very interested in learning the watercolor medium and took instruction from several notable watercolor artists. His work was represented in galleries in Edmonton, and later in Vancouver, and in several towns on Vancouver Island. After returning to England in 1996 Brian began using the fine arts in his activities program in care home facilities which was so successful that he decided to use it as the basis of his book, “Activities for Older People,” was published by Butterworth Heinemann in 2000. He has a summer residence in coastal Maine.

Images of Maine

Acadiia Winter - SOLD

Blue Hill Mtn Trail

Camp Wash

Blue Hill Estuary

Stonington Shacks

Tidal Patterns, Peter's Cove

Fall Approach

Blue Hill Mtn View

Picking Time

Clam Digger

Casting Lesson

I See You - SOLD

Garden of Tranquility

Meetings -SOLD

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