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Ikebana is the ancient art of Japanese flower arranging.

The containers used in this art are of unique importance since they are at the foundation of the arrangement.

Award-winning designer Ken Kantro has created these flower arranging bases with an appreciation for ikebana in its most simple and elegant form.

The use of these containers allows for a beautiful presentation with as little as one or two stems.

The result is one of calm beauty, simplicity, and the appreciation of nature in its purest form.

Square with Beachstone

Circle with Windswept Cattails

Rectangle with Dragonfly

Our ikebana containers are made of steel, and are available in three styles: Square, Circle, and Rectangle.

Each style comes in two sizes: large and small.

You may order a container with or without ornamentation.

For ornamented ikebanas, you may choose a pewter Dragonfly, pewter Cattails, or a real Maine Beachstone.

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